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Admiring the Amish

December 18, 2014 2 min read

Our recently acquired products in the store included quality Amish-made nursery furniture from cribs to amoires. This blog will showcase the design inspiration from each collection through using the cribs as an example of how different each style is from the others.

The Mid-Century Collection

This collection is no misnomer - it's exactly as it sounds:  from the mid-century. It's very simple yet rustic and mod features make it very retro. All these cribs come in many different finishes. Because of its simplicity, it makes a good unisex crib for gender neutral crib bedding.

The Billissimo Collection

This collection looks very Venetian with its gorgeous curved lines and rounded rails. The back of the crib arches extremely high. It is a very romantic style of architecture that would go very well will baby girl room decor and baby girl crib bedding.


The Toscana Collection

Though the bottom of the crib has curves; for the most part, this crib is made of flat surfaces. The back of the crib doesn't rise very high. It's a better crib for smaller spaces. The bottom of the legs of the furniture has ample surface area for effectively moving the furniture.

The Liscio Collection

The Liscio Collection has an adorable boxy feel to it with tinier legs and a more simplistic style. However, it's its simplistic nature that makes it that much more beautiful. It would look amazing in their new gray color!

The Milano Collection

The beautiful Milano collection has a unique curved base that makes it look truly designer.  It's also a convertible crib, so once the baby turns into a toddler, it coverts into a bed. Though convertible cribs are often more expensive than standard cribs, they are worth the investment because you don't have to buy a crib and a bed a few years apart.

The Umbria Collection

The Umbria collection has a sleek, classic design. The crib in this series is convertible as well, with a high back, but the slots are not as wide as in the Liscio collection. The bottom of the crib legs are ornate and there is intricate paneling detail everywhere.

The Veneto Collection

This collection is very simple and country cottage-like with its delicate scalloped edges. This crib is absolutely perfect for a baby girl's room.

Amish-made cribs are some of the best baby cribs you can find, so order yours now!

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