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Teaching kids manners and morals

December 16, 2014 2 min read

It is never too early to teach your kids manners. Of course you cannot teach manners to an infant, because your child has to have some kind of self awareness and awareness to others to be able to learn and make good habits, but if you start with the small stuff early on, you can hope on huge results later. When your child gets to the age of 18 months, it will start to understand that people around have feelings too. Around this period you can start teaching your child that their behavior have affects to others.

The basics

Kids are like sponges – they are listening to every word we say and repeating it. That is why you have to make sure you are behaving politely if you want your kids to learn the right way. From very early age you can start teaching your kids to say the basics: "please" when they’re asking for something and "thank you" when they get what they want. If you want your kids to be kind to other peoples’ stuff when you go visiting your friend’s houses, you have to start with the lessons at home. Make sure your child knows not to ruin its modern kid’s furniture in their room.

Don’t give up

Consistency is very important when teaching your kids good manners. Remind them politely if they get too relaxed at the table when eating. Be persistent about your children taking care of their kids bedding sets and keep their toys in order around their kids’ playroom furniture. Because children have a hard time remembering too many rules, you can pick a few rules and be consistent about them. Make sure you are not too strict, because you risk making them and uninterested.

Social development

Children who are not guided trough social graces are at a disadvantage regarding other children their age. That is a strong reason to make sure you show them a proper way of behaving and handling every-day situations. You have to let them express themselves and ask questions and you have to have patience and tell them or show them how their behavior should be.

Learning manners is a lifelong thing – you learn every day and you adjust your behavior. But it is harder to learn if you don’t have a strong foundation from a young age.

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