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Mommy-Friendly Nursery

December 23, 2014 2 min read

When you are designing the nursery for your unborn baby, you romanticize and imagine a sweet and adorable room, trying to predict what your future grown child would like. Moms often forget to add themselves into the picture and make a design that suits their needs. Yes, it will be your baby’s room, but you’ll be spending most of your time there too. Cute matters, but comfort is crucial.


Basic decisions

Room color is the first thing you think when designing a nursery: Should it be sunshine yellow or maybe pink subtle stripes; should you go all-in with drawing stars or cute animals. The question you should be asking yourself is what you would like to see every day for a longer period of time while changing stinky diapers. Think similar about every other thing that goes in the nursery. Every mom wants the best baby cribs and nursery bedding, adorable baby furniture sets and basically the best from the best of the luxury baby furniture. And that is perfectly fine as long as you put yourself in the equation. For example, when buying a crib, ask yourself if the crib is high enough for you to put your baby to sleep and not hurt your back, not just if the crib will go great with your baby wall décor. You have to arrange your own comfort and convenience. Same goes with the changing table. Choose the right changing table that won’t cause a pain in your back. Also, look for a practical changing table with a diaper caddy and a suitable storage for all the diapers, baby creams, and wipes.


Mom’s place

Create your own station in form of a glider. It is as important as the crib and the changing table, because it is perfect for feeding and cuddling with your newborn. It will be the place where you and your baby spend most of the times together and create those magical unforgettable moments. Choose a nice looking but practical and comfortable glider as well. You can have a with a side table to keep your things conveniently close by. Not getting up for a snack and drink, to get the ringing phone or to get a burping cloth, diaper wipes, etc.

Arrange all the other nursery elements around your Mom’s station, but be careful to avoid mistakes like: placing the crib far away from the door (you’ll want to peek at your sleeping child from time to time); or placing the changing table far away from the door the closet (you’ll want to grab the baby clothes quickly).

The nursery is only technically called a Baby’s room. In reality it is a Mom’s Room and should be comfortable and Mommy-Friendly!



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