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October 23, 2014 2 min read

In the previous blog post we talked about some good and bad ideas for vacation when with baby.  Here are some additional suggestions:

An All Inclusive Resort with a baby

When booking a vacation at an all-inclusive resort, you’ll have your meals and most activities already planned for you, and you’ll focus just on the planning for your baby. Most of that all-inclusive resorts cater to infants and provide baby proofing for your room. They can also provide for nannies that you can hire just for you. When you know that a professional cares for your baby, you’ll will not feel guilty to spend some alone time with your partner. These resorts have a day care or camps for older children as well. These resorts have luxury baby furniture and they are equipped with baby crib bedding.

At your parents house

If you are still not comfortable going on a vacation the first year of your baby’s life, you can go to your parents’ house for a week. Going to your in-laws or parents’ places might not be your dream vacation, but at least you’ll get out of your own house and have a change of scenery. A trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house can have a lot of perks. While the grandparents have that extra time of bonding with their grandchild, you can have a date night with your partner. You can bring all the baby gear as you want, such as your nursery bedding sets, your personalized baby clothes or embroidered baby blankets, etc. You’ll get some free home cooked meals too.

Where not to go with a baby

Camping is a bad idea, with all the pests and unusual stimuli. Yes, all the fresh air will benefit your baby, but you can provide that with one-day walks in nature, but for a longer trip, camping is not the best destination for a family with a baby. Plus, a camping trip will need a lot of preparing ahead on its own, not to mention all the specific plans connected with your child. You will have to be very creative in thinking about baby-safe activities, where to dispose those stinky diapers and how to make a portable crib in the tent. Bed-and-Breakfast getaways are also a bad idea.

Choose the most suitable first vacation with your child and start making those wonderful memories!

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