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5 items for a successful fall picnic with your baby

October 28, 2014 2 min read

It’s the middle of fall when the weather is still mild enough to spend prolonged time outside, you might want to take your baby out to the park for a nice picnic. Baby’s first picnic can be exciting, but it can also be quite stressful. There are some key things that you must pack in order to ensure the fall picnic’s success and prevent any unforeseen disaster.

Diaper Bags

Keep in mind that your baby will need a lot of his or her day-to-day things, so find a great diaper bag that accommodates your busy lifestyle and extensive needs. One with a pouch to hold a bottle or sippy cup and a fold-out changing pad is a good option. Many of the bags are messenger or backpack-style to leave your hands free for carrying baby or pushing a stroller. Some diaper bags come with a tag accessory that you can use to identify your bag if it becomes lost, much like with airplane luggage.

Burp Cloths

Burp cloths are a must when out in public eating. It’s an easy way to clean up wayward food or fluids. You can easily find adorable burp cloth sets in your favorite colors and styles. Many designers will even embroider your baby’s name on the burp cloth sets.


Blankets are a must for picnics on grass, and they can also be useful as tablecloths on picnic benches if you need to change the baby or rest it on the table for some reason. A personalized blanket is a lux and special way to spend time with your baby (you can even get them in cashmere for an even more lux feel). Most blankets have options for whatever color and style you select – it’s a head-turning investment that is worth its weight in gold for as many places as you’ll want to take this thing. Not only that, but your baby can grow with this blanket and use it for many, many years.

Sun protection

Just because it’s not summer, it doesn’t mean that the sun can’t damage baby’s skin. It’s still important to put some sunscreen on baby, but it’s doesn’t have to be as high of an SPF as you may use during the summer months. You can also use a hat – it will keep your baby’s head warm and offer sun protection at the same time.

A camera

If your phone doesn’t have a camera, make sure you bring a digital or disposable camera (or a professional camera if that’s a hobby of yours) to take photos of your first picnic together. You’ll never regret capturing those great moments for all eternity! Now with social media, there’s an endless place to post pictures of special moments in your baby’s life for friends and family to see.

There’s more little things you’ll need (other than picnic food obviously), but these are the most important. Getting good at packing for these things takes planning, patience and practice.

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