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October 21, 2014 2 min read

Don’t put away your well-deserved vacation if you have a newborn in your family. It is not impossible to spend quality time with your family on a vacation, even with the new addition to it. You just need a good planning. These are our vacation ideas for suitable destinations, and places to avoid until your baby is grown.

A Cruise with a baby

You could never think you could go sailing the open seas with your baby, but it is possible if you choose the right cruise. On the right cruse you don’t have to schlep around a stroller all the time because and it’s easy to go back to the stateroom if you have to breastfeed or change the baby. Most cruises offer to cater families with small babies, especially if you choose a Disney Cruise. On a Disney Cruise you can order diapers and other necessities ahead of time, which will result in a lighter luggage. You will never be bored on a cruise because of all the activities, while your baby is safe using the babysitting services.

In a Beach House with a baby

If you want to skip going through airport security, you can choose the option to rent a beach house within a driving distance from your house. You won’t have to worry about nursery bedding: you’ll be able to bring your own baby’s nursery bedding sets. You’ll buy your own groceries, and you won’t have to expose your baby to different restaurants. You won’t have to worry about luggage restrictions at the airport and you’ll pack all your favorite baby things like your personalized baby clothes or embroidered baby blankets. When renting a beach you can get other family members with you. You can bring your parents or close friends and you can have fun and have free babysitting.

Where not to go with a baby

Exotic destinations are a bad idea for a family with a baby. Don’t plan to travel to Southeast Asia or Africa because those are places where you and your baby will need additional immunizations or pills against special conditions. You don’t need that kind of stress when with baby. Avoid plane rides longer than six hours. A quick plane ride is OK and your baby and you can take that, with all the meals or nap times.

You will remember your first vacation with your baby, and when it grows up, you can show your child the pictures of your time well-spent.

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