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November 06, 2014 2 min read

So you find out that you’re expecting – it’s an exciting time for you, but it’s also quite stressful at the thought of planning a nursery that is safe, functional and stylish. As intimidating as this feat is, it can be simplified by careful planning and knowing your wants and needs. Your nursery theme should be an extension of you and embody your personality; after all, your little one is an extension of you. These tips are meant to curb the anxiety that stems from nursery planning.

First step is the paramount one: doing your research. There’s a discipline known as color psychology that interprets the brain’s response to color patterns. Color psychology research has indicated that different colors evoke a spectrum of emotions. Bold, primary colors like reds, yellows and blues stimulate the neurotransmitters and enhance brain activity, while muted colors like pastels provide a soothing environment that promotes healthy sleep patterns. So, what nursery colors you choose depends on what is ultimately more important to you when it comes to your baby’s well-being. There’s many article in parenting magazine that provide color studies in nurseries – look to those to identify the right hues for you. With most custom baby bedding, you can get bedding made with whatever fabric that you choose.

You also want a nursery that’s functional. You’ll be spending a great deal of your baby’s first year in the nursery, so you want to make sure that your time is spend efficiently. There’s cribs that convert into toddler beds so that you don’t have to buy another bed as your child matures into a toddler. Some convertible cribs might be more costly, but it’s worth the investment to not have to purchase both a crib and a twin bed. Some cribs even have attached changing tables so that you’ll have to purchase less furniture. Also, make sure to stock up on toy bags, storage bins and other organizational necessities that provide a nursery with efficient structure. You’ll spend much less time searching for things, and more valuable time with your baby.

Many parents choose a theme for their nursery. Once again, many parenting magazine have articles on decorating themes for the nursery. Nautical-themed and Paris-themed décor are extremely popular trends right now, as are the colors navy and orchid. You can even get personalized blankets with your baby’s name or initials or unique baby bedding sets in your chose theme. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery – you want something that suits your personality.

Finally, you must have safety in mind. Read our previous blog posts about crib, bedding and other nursery safety concerns for all the nursery safety information you’ll need in a single place. The most important safety areas are the windows, crib bedding and electrical sockets. Most new cribs abide by current safety standards, but you should be cautious and do your research on hand-me-down cribs.

It’s imperative to take great consideration in preparing your nursery, as you want your little angel to have the very best.

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