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A New Look for Luxury: Jack and Jill Boutique Gets a Makeover

November 11, 2014 2 min read

It’s important that a strong foundation be placed under your children when they are born, and that all starts with the nursery. The nursery is the place where relationships begin between you and your baby, and unique furniture and bedding make that experience all that more satiable. As your child grows up, they will also have not only needs, but wants on what their room looks like. As big boys and girls, they often love making this step with moms and dads. For the last four years, Jack and Jill Boutique has been there for every luxury need from sonogram frames to toddler beds. But now, Jack and Jill is taking their store to the next level with an exceptionally eye-catching but clean storefront and a more user-friendly experience.

Today, Jack and Jill Boutique opened their new storefront on the Shopify platform, choosing a sophisticated and graphically appealing theme to their thousands of shoppers each month. The migration from the existing Yahoo Business store to Shopify began shortly after owner Nava Rangasamy and his wife Priya purchased Jack and Jill Boutique from top nursery designer Sherri Blum. Blum felt that Nava and his wife could give the boutique all the attention it deserves. Certainly, this new storefront is a byproduct of all that attention.

Nava has been scouring the internet for the top designers in babies’ and kids’ furniture and bedding from Los Angeles to Bulgaria, in an effort to bring customers everything they would need for their luxury rooms, all in one place. You need ceiling medallions? Rocking toys? We got that too. It’s always at the lowest price afforded to us by the manufacturer, so you’ll never have to worry about hidden stocking costs or handling fees.

The new Jack and Jill Boutique site is the essence of user-friendly. It is important to us that the customer believes that their value is in the service and selection provided to the customer. Jack and Jill also incorporated a new online chat platform so the customer never has to pick up the phone and drop-down menus that leave the customer without question where to go for what they need. It is most exciting because it’s going to bring the store to a whole new level.

The most important thing to Jack and Jill has been, and always be, the best customer experience possible.

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