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Organic Natural Wool Comforters | Holy Lamb Organics


These lightweight comforters are stitched with love. You get warmth,temperature regulation and breathability in this signature handmade product.

Our comforters are nearly magical in their comfort, warmth and coziness. They are affordable and comparable in terms of warmth and weight to a high-quality down comforter.

Choose a comforter that suits your body temperature and the region you live in:Cool Comfort,Perfect Comfort or Extra Warmth,as described below in “Choose A Temperature Weight”.

Most people choose the Perfect Comfort unless they live in a very hot or cold climate, or if their body tends to run very hot or very cold.

All of our wool comforters are soft, known to be lightweight and very cozy. We hand make each one using organic cotton Sateen fabric. The inside is filled with Premium Eco-Wool™ sourced from our Sustainable Wool Program using west coast U.S.A. wool. Hand stitching the entire perimeter and tufting the middle keeps the wool in place and enables washing.

Not sure? Order A Sample.This will help you decide which temperature weight is right for you as well as get a feel for the materials we use before purchasing. 

Cost of sample is refunded when it is returned for re-use (reduce waste)

You can also order a sample of the raw materials if you want to check for sensitivity.

Please call us  888-543-6363 or email us at orders@jackandjillboutique.com with such requests.

Product Specifications

Premium Eco-Wool™ batting
Organic cotton fabric cover
Dimensions & Wool Weight:

Cool Comfort
Crib (Cool Comfort Only) 35” x 53”, 1.9 lbs.
Twin 68” x 86”, 2.6 lbs.
Full/Queen 86” x 86”, 3.3 lbs.
King/CAL King 100” x 86”, 3.75 lbs.

Perfect Comfort
Twin 68” x 86”, 3.6 lbs.
Full/Queen 86” x 86”, 4.5 lbs.
King/CAL King 100” x 86”, 5.2 lbs.

Extra Warmth
Twin 68” x 86”, 5.6 lbs.
Full/Queen 86” x 86”, 7.0 lbs.
King/CAL King 100” x 86”, 8.1 lbs.