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Nursing Pillow -"Bo Peep" | Holy Lamb Organics


The Bo Peep literally brings your baby closer for nursing. It's got the right amount of loft so you can cradle and support your baby without the tension or strength of actively holding while feeding. Get closer with the Bo Peep.

Product Specifications

  • Premium Eco-Wool™ batting
  • Organic cotton fabric cover
  • Nylon Zipper
  • Dimensions & Wool Weight:
    • Nursing Pillow 19” x 23”, 2 lbs, U-shaped
    • Nursing Pillow Zippered Cover, 19” x 23”

A natural alternative to the well known "Boppy," this is a very popular pillow made for new moms who nurse their babies. The all natural Bo Peep lifts your baby closer to your breast for a more comfortable nursing experience for both of you. This pillow also relieves pressure from your arm and legs while you are feeding your baby.

When your baby gets older, the pillow is also useful as a prop to support and sit her up.

Wash this product occasionally, per instructions provided. Better still, we recommend the separate washable zippered Nursing Pillow Cover. If you need just a cover, order an extra.

Please call us  888-543-6363 or email us at orders@jackandjillboutique.com with such requests.