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Clothing Your Baby

January 27, 2015 2 min read

A baby is on the way! It will help you a great deal if you make a plan when shopping for baby clothes, not just thinking about buying personalized baby clothes. You are probably aware that babies are messy and you will change your baby's clothing several times a day. No matter if you are shopping for newborn boy clothes or newborn girl clothes you should provide for uncomplicated, soft and comfortable outfits that open easily for easier diaper changes.


Predicting which size clothing your baby will need at the beginning is hard. Usually babies outgrow their newborn clothes quickly - larger babies skip newborn sizes; other can wear newborn clothes for several months. The best you can do is buy clothing in different sizes, see what fits and return the rest.

The number of items you'll need depends on the laundry plan and type of clothing.

5 - 7 one piece outfits

These outfits are basically jammies for sleeping and playing. These items are very practical since because frequent napping of babies, especially at the beginning.

4-7 shirts

Buy several T-shirts with plenty of room in the neck, in order to slip the head easily. One-piece styles with a snap at the crotch are also a good option.

5 - 7 leggings

Separate clothing is practical when you want to change just one piece of dirty clothing. It is useful to have stretchy waistbands that go over your baby's diaper.

1 – 2 sweaters

Babies are not fond of clothes that have to be pulled over their head. It is practical to buy sweaters or jackets with buttons at the front.

4-7 pajamas

Avoid clothing for sleeping with complicated snaps and you are good to go.

2-3 wearable blankets

Wearable blankets zip over the sleepwear and keep your baby warm at night and safe from the SIDS risk. This is a seasonal type of clothing as an addition to baby blankets.

1 snowsuit

If your baby is born in, you’ll want to buy a one-piece fleece suit to keep your baby warm. Choose a hooded snowsuit.

Several socks and booties

You'll use a lot of indoor socks and booties for going outside.

1 – 3 hats

Buy a broad hat if you have a summer baby or a soft and warm hat if you have a winter baby.

In general, avoid clothes that tightly wraps around your child’s neck or clothes with cords or ties. Be aware that buttons and other decorative things can be a choking hazard. Let’s hope your cute diaper bags will contain the best clothing solutions for your newborn.

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