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The 2014 Jack and Jill Boutique Holiday Gift Guide

November 24, 2014 6 min read

What do you purchase the baby or child on your Christmas list? It requires a lot of thought into what the baby still needs for the nursery or what you’d like your baby to have. For a child, the older the child is, the more their own opinions dictate what you purchase for Christmas. Whether you’re buying for a baby or a child, shopping for a Christmas gift for every youngster amongst your friends and family can be a daunting task! Here at Jack and Jill, we’ve taken all the confusion out of buying gifts in a comprehensive collection of items perfect for every age.

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Any child in your life will need bookends to help keep books organized on a shelf or in a bookcase, and we have a large selection of bookends that can be customized in dozens of colors. Some are personalized like this chevron and typewritten letters bookend.


Others have a very delicate antique design for the little princess in your life. She’ll fall in love with these bookends, and you’ll fall in love with the little one all over again!


Picture Frames

Frames are a versatile and utility gift because almost everyone takes pictures; and where there are pictures, there are usually pictures frames. We have all types of frames: from sonogram frames to antique-finish frames to photo boxes with quotes.

These antique pictures frames are available in 18 different finishes, so there’s most certainly one that mirrors the room colors of the person you’re giving the gift to. Antique frames gives any photo a unique, timeless feel.



Choose a frame with your favorite quote on it. That way, the person who received the gift will always be reminded of you.



There’s also frames that you can customize in many different colors – in kid themes such as sports and animals.


A great piece of art is as unique and personalized of a gift as you can possibly get.

A great mural never goes out of style. Choose one that is also educational like this Big Wide World mural with the world map on it.

With hand-painted art that is not digitally printed, no piece from the artist is ever exactly the same. Also, many hand-painted pieces have the signature of the artist, making it extremely personal for the gift receiver.

This hand-painted piece is perfect for a princess-themed room. The artist can also personalize it for you with a name and/or change colors to match the room decor!

Signs and Banners

Most signs and banners are personalized, which is a great way to a child to recognize their name in the room as they grow up. Many of these signs they can keep well into their teens and adult years.

This is a beautiful hand-painted wall banner that is great for a nursery but it can be kept well into young adulthood and be handed down from generation to generation.

This custom polka dot wooden sign is also great for a nursery, but it would also work well for a dorm room too, so your child might even be able to take it with them when they go away to school. It’s chic enough to not be too “kiddish” when someone hits their early 20’s.

Antique artwork is always the best thing to get someone that has everything. If you think you have everything, you can never have too much art! This common “apple of my eye” saying has been visually translated onto a lovely hand-made, distressed wooden sign!


We have a new, very large selection of kids’ room and nursery wallpaper. This robot one is especially fun. The wallpaper is available in half and full kits for every sized room.

The princess theme is an extremely huge hit this year, and this princess decal kit lets your little princess have their own princess city! We have thousands of decals for every nursery and kids’ room style and color.

We also have an extensive selection of chalkboard decals. These can be written on, erased, and then written on again! They are available in hundreds of different styles.

Wall Tiles and Plaques

We have wall tiles and plaques – most are personalized, and getting someone a personalized gift is a great way to show that you care about them.

Who doesn’t love to feel like a ballerina? This Ballerina Custom Plaque is perfect for the little ballerina in your life.

This kitty wall tile is very popular. If you have kids in your family that have younger sisters, this is a great gift!


Owls never go out of style, especially this year – owls are everywhere! It’s in the ideal colors for the little girl in your life.


We have a large selection of clocks, some wall clocks, and some table clocks. Some clocks have themes or animals like this ballerina clock.

Others have sayings on them like this “Sweet Dreams” wall clock.

Then, there’s also a table clock for a night stand. These are also available in hundreds of themes/animals.

Growth Charts

As a newborn, a growth chart is a perfect gift because the parents can start marking and celebrate the gift of their child very early on.

We have growth chart themes for boys, such as sports:

Or themes for girls such as this gray rose growth chart.


Our toys are made vendors who know how to stand at the crossroads of fun and style. One of our recent products include this selection of Scandinavian hand-painted rocking horses. We also carry more styles of hand-painted rocking horses.

We have large pedal and metal cars and trucks for the little boy of the family, like this Speedster pedal car. If only adults could have this!

Our rocking toys selection doesn’t just include horses. We have animals and transportation ones like this adorable sailboat rocker.

Bath Items

Very few things are more fun than bath time with baby, and you can never have too much fun; therefore, you can never have too much bath stuff!

We have many bath gift sets that include towels, robes, hats, booties, buckets and other bath-time items.

There’s also a large selection of bath wraps with hoods, to put a baby in directly after you remove them from the water. This elephant bath wrap is one of the several animal-themed wraps we have.

Finally, nothing says bath time like a robe! However, a robe is not often thought of as a necessity, so it makes the perfect gift. Some robes are flowers and some animals, but all transform the little cutie in your life into a cutie with bath time style!


We proudly carry a large selection of lighting perfect for gift-giving. A lamp personalized to someone’s taste will last a very long time.

These pendant lampshades from Bulgaria are hand-painted and can be made into a floor lamp with an additional mechanism. This Luck model adorns some beautiful lady bugs, which so many little girls love.

We have table lamps with flowers and animals, and ones that you can customize with dozens of colors for a nursery or kids’ room like this monkey lamp.

We have new floor lamps that are customizable in the fabric choice and name embroidery. This Lacrosse Lamp lets you pick a fabric, font and thread.

We not only have night lights, but we have a brand new selection of personalized night lights. We have around a dozen styles of personalized night lights to choose from.


Nothing says Christmas like ornaments, and our personalized ornaments are a prudent gift for even the person who has everything. We have ornaments for teachers, kids, new babies and new families.

Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are a utility gift that cannot go wrong. There are so many styles out there though, which are the best to choose? Ones like this zebra print bag have options like a changing table pad and bottle holder that are of great use to mom.

Other bags are highly personal. This bag allows you to have a name embroidered in a variety of colors and fonts.


Since Christmas is in the Winter, a hat is a very practical gift. With most of our hat selection, you can personalize them for whatever color and name that you want. We have dozens of styles to choose from, and more coming in all the time!


Plates, Platters and Bowls

Personalized plates, platters or bowls are things that the gift receiver can always remember you by. We have a large selection of Christmas-themed and themes for year round.

Gift Cards

Probably the easiest gift to get is the gift card; however, it's an extremely practical gift. Use code JJBTHANKS10 right now and get 10% off the cards! You can use this for anything, at any time.


We hope that you enjoyed this gift guide. If you need any help with your gifts this holiday season, call our customer care number at 888) 543 6363, email us at customerservice@jackandjillboutique.com or reach us on our new live chat platform!

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