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September 09, 2014 2 min read

Nursery lighting is extremely important, so you should think carefully about it. Yes, it should be a part of a great kid’s room décor, but it should be practical as well. You should be able to check on the baby without waking it. You should also plan for an adequate light for the story reading or for the playtime. Safety is a primary concern, because lights involve hot bulbs and electricity, and you don’t want them near your child’s grip, and you should keep them out of the baby crib bedding.

How to choose?

When you are choosing the lights for your baby’s nursery, it is wise to stick with the ones accepting regular incandescent bulbs, because halogen bulbs, even though they are long-lasting, they burn hot with too bright light for a baby. Another thing you should carefully consider is the light switch. You should ask yourself if it’ll be easy for your child to reach it after few years. Or, can it reach it when he/she learns to stay on its feet and stand over its nursery bedding? The answer to these questions can be both good and bad. While at the beginning, when your child is a toddler and you won’t appreciate the frequent on-and-off-switching games with your child (which is something all toddlers enjoy, and is a fascination connected with cause and effect), a time will come when you will very much appreciate their new independence when they can switch the light on and off by themselves.

The safest choice – ceiling fixtures

Having all the above said, overhead fixtures are the safest as a light source in a nursery. This means that the fixture is out of your child’s reach, way above the baby nursery sets and you’ll never have to think about it. You should choose a fixture style with shade covering the bulb and softening the light, because your baby will spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling. An uncovered bulb will be harsh on those young eyes and it might lead to eye problems. You can play with the shades design though. You can choose shades that glow in the dark or linger long after the lights are out. This will give your baby the opportunity to gaze at something, while peacefully falling asleep.

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