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September 16, 2014 2 min read

Soon after your child is born, he or she becomes a photo model, as you will try to capture all of the cute moments of your child’s life. Here are some useful tips on how to get the best shots of your little one.

Lighting is one of the crucial elements for a good shot. The most common mistake parents make is taking a photo in dark room, thinking the flash will be enough. Your kids should face the light and you may get sparkles of light in your child’s eyes, but you’ll surely get sharp and colorful picture. But on the other hand, try to avoid harsh lighting. The best time to take pictures is early in the morning or around sunset, because of the specific light, but also for the health of your child.

Don’t be cheesy with “cheese”, because you don’t need a shot with a forced smile. Make some silly faces or movements to make your child react in a unique way, so you can get a nice shot.

The funniest pictures are shot when you sneak up on your child. Try to catch your kids in the middle of an activity, having no clue that you are nearby. You’ll end up with the most precious and funny photographs. Or get one shot when your child is sleeping on its beautiful nursery bedding.

You have to always get down on their level and take photos from up above, bending down or lying down on the floor, right next to the kid. You can lie down on the floor next to your child and take a picture of your child in front of your modern kids’ furniture. It will be funny because your child will seem bigger than the furniture.

Do a series of snapshots in a row if you want to catch that certain face your child makes, but it is too quick for a set up. You don’t need your kid looking directly at the camera in every shot. It is wise to put them in most natural setting as possible and let them get comfortable, in order to get the most natural photographs. You should let them do whatever they love: dressing up, dancing, around the kid’s playroom furniture, or making a tent from its toddler bedding sets. That way you will capture a photo of a happy child doing what he/she loves the most.

Never stop to check the camera or you may miss a crucial moment. Only check to see the results when you are done shooting. Most important of all, have fun with your child and you’ll have happy photos!

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