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September 29, 2014 2 min read

As a new parent, you often find yourself wanting to buy a whole baby store because everything is so cute and adorable, but you probably have no use for most of them. Here are the most important items your baby really needs.

Crib and Car seat

Your baby has to sleep somewhere and it is on you to find the best baby cribs. Your newborn deserves nursery bedding both comfortable and safe. If you choose to start small but cute, a bassinet or cradle is an excellent option. If your chosen crib does not come with a mattress, make sure you buy a firm one with non-toxic foam or made from natural fibers. You’ll need one or more waterproof mattress pads. Use natural fibers for the sheets and baby blankets. Don’t use pillows or stuffed animals in the crib because they pose a danger of suffocation.

You can choose from many different infant car seats, which can also serve as baby carriers. Some of the models on the market even snap into a stroller, which is very convenient and practical.

Diapers and Clothing

Analyses show that you’ll need 70 to 90 diaper changes a week at the beginning. You will need a changing table or/and a changing pad. Make sure you have enough moistened alcohol free wipes and diaper rash cream.

The type of newborn boy clothes or newborn girl clothes is very important. Tend to use organic baby clothes. At the beginning make sure you have 6 “onesies”, 4 infant gowns, 3 receiving blankets, some burp cloths, few sweaters and caps, and 4 pairs of socks.

Bath and Feeding

You will need a baby tub to bathe your baby. There are several kinds to choose from. In addition to the tub you will also need a terrycloth towels and washcloths. For further reference, in a previous blog post we talked about the use of baby soap and shampoo. If your baby is born with hair, you’ll need a brush and comb, and nail clippers or scissors for the tiny cute finger and toe nails.

No matter if you are breastfeeding or not, you will need bottles and nipples for the milk you will pump, formula (how much – depending if you are breastfeeding or not) and a measuring cup. You’ll need some cute diaper bags to put all this stuff in.

Medicine cabinet

Fill your medicine cabinet with medications or ointments according to the advice and recommendations of your pediatrician. There are a few things that are a general need such as: thermometer (ask your pediatrician for the type most suitable for your baby), bulb syringe (for excess mucus from nose and mouth) and diaper rash cream.

These important items for a newborn baby will give you the peace of mind that you are providing everything your baby needs and deserves.

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