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October 09, 2014 2 min read

Now is the time when all the parents start traveling. They take kids to Halloween activities, family gatherings for Thanksgiving and even sometimes shopping during Christmas. Doing all this travel can be a nightmare! How do you get all the diapering items, crib bedding, blankets and your personal items in the least amount of bags without giving scoliosis before you’re 40?

  • Packing lightly and preparedly – Packing lightly doesn’t mean that you must skimp on the “just in case” items like a new change of clothes for yourself and your baby in case the unexpected happens. Because a baby would NEVER spit up on mommy in her work clothes, right? If only. Encase them inside some sort of plastic to prevent anything that may leak inside the bag from ruining your clothes and leaving you devastated. You’ll want to stick to stack-able toys and cups for to make more room for necessities.
  • Make it personal – Most likely it will never happen, but it is possible that when you’re in a public area, there might be someone with a similar item to yours. This happens all the time at airports. To make yours stand out, purchase a personalized baby blanket with your child’s first name or initials. This is a very prudent way to make sure that your items never get mixed up with anyone else while on the go.
  • Use an organized diaper changing bag – There’s so many diaper bags out there that could possibly change your life. Their organization capabilities make life infinitely easier. Most have all the pockets you will need to get organized, but there are some that have bottle holders and fold-able changing pads that are easily cleaned. Browse our large selection of diaper bags here.
  • Do not forget the burp cloths! Burp cloths are important, especially when nursing. Always have one or two in your diaper bag in case baby spits up during feeding. Make them special by getting embroidered burp cloths.
  • Smart snacks – I even use this tip today! When on the go, pick snacks like cereal (specifically ones that pack well like Cheerios). It’s the one the healthiest and most mobile snack for any age.

Use this tips for mommies on the move to make your life on the go much more successful…and mobile!

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