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Getting out of the bath cliché

November 13, 2014 2 min read

Do you remember the first bath with your tiny, slippery newborn? It seemed a little tricky and scary at first, right? But once you got the hang of it, your little one decided not to be a fan of the everyday ritual and made it a struggle for both of you? It sounds like it is a perfect time for you to get out of the bath cliché and make bath time fun!

Share the Fun

If your little one is wary of the water, jump in the tub and share the experience with your child. Babies are used to the skin contact with their parent. This “new perspective” will also make it easier to clean the areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

Splash and Sing

Bathing is a huge sensory experience for a baby, so by singing or making soothing sounds, you’ll help your little one to feel comfortable in the surrounding. Don’t be afraid to sing your heart out; your baby won’t mind if you are off-key.

Follow the curiosity

Include different objects in the tub while bath time and tickle your baby’s senses. Baby’s curious nature leads into touching different textures, which needs to be encouraged. Let your baby play with the sponge, a wet washcloth, or even put your baby in the water with its newborn boy clothes or newborn girl clothes on, and get it out together. That way bathing will immediately become more fun for your child. You can add more toys in the tub every other bath time.

When your child becomes older and reaches the toddler age, it will grow out of the simple ideas for bath time, and you will have to get more creative.

Creativity unleashed

Introduce finger painting to your toddler. Let your child use bathtub finger paint and see if you have the next Picasso right beside you. Your child will be the one to ask for bath time, because of the opportunity to decorate the tiles and the tub. That way you will encourage your child’s creativity and boost the fine motor skills. As your child gets older, you can upgrade to bathtub crayons. While your child is painting the next masterpiece, you can wash its hair unnoticed. And don’t worry the paint and the crayons will wash of the tub easily, but keep it out of the kids’ bedding sets or the modern kids’ furniture in general.


When your child reaches the preschooler age, you’ll have to try even harder and turn bath time into an adventure. Say the tub is a ship and go sailing with your child across the foamy ocean. You can get inventive together, by asking your child what would happen next.

Bath time can be the best bonding time for you and your child, no matter its age, only if you let your imagination run wild!

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