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October 30, 2014 2 min read

Tomorrow is Halloween, and it’s no secret that most kids look forward to this holiday. Getting to play dress up and eat candy are two of the most fun things – putting them together is even better! Still, accidents happen and evil still lives in the world, so it’s important to be extra cautious on such a publicly-acknowledged holiday. These six tips will provide you will a toolkit for Halloween safety as you take your kids trick-or-treating or let them go with friends.

  • Safety in numbers – The old adage “safety in numbers” is assuredly true. It’s important to have someone with you at all times while trick-or-treating or going to Halloween outings. Never assume safety in any neighborhood: anything can happen, anywhere.
  • Examine candy – I’ve heard this one since I was young – many, many, many years ago. There was some instances long ago I heard with people putting razor blades in candy or adding harmful things to candy. It’s better to be safe and toss out anything homemade or partially wrapped. Only allow candy to pass inspection that is factory-sealed, in its natural wrapping.
  • Teach basic street safety – Teaching when to walk and not to walk across streets, how to handle stop signs, not to ride anywhere with strangers…these are things that are not inherent to your child: they must be taught.
  • Plan a route and stick to it – Whether you’re taking your kid trick-or-treating or letting them go with a friend, it’s important to know where they are going. Plan their route ahead of time and be familiar with the areas to which you’re going.
  • Visit well-lit houses only – Only visit houses with some sort of light on that indicates they have candy and are welcoming visitors. If the house looks off in some way, avoid it. Trust your instincts and don’t go or have your kids go anywhere questionable.
  • Cell phones are a must – What did we do in the days where we didn’t have cell phones? I can’t even remember! Make sure that you have constant communication with your child via cell phone. If your child has a cell phone and he or she gets lost, the GPS tracking can also help find them.

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