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ART PRINT - Two Heads are Better Than One


Engage in captivating conversations with this unique art print! Two majestic horses share a tender moment, exemplifying the age-old wisdom that '2 heads are better than 1.' Perfect for enhancing the ambiance of a ranch or horse-themed space.

Available in two sizes (both sizes come in a reclaimed wood frame):

  • 25" x 36"
  • 35" x 46"

*All art prints are made to order and generally take 3-4 weeks.*

Artist Rebecca Puig's art is printed directly on luan (also spelled lauan) wood, which is a type of hardwood plywood. Each piece goes through many stages and hands to be built so they are truly one of a kind and no two pieces will be alike. Framing is either reclaimed grey wood which is lumber that has been salvaged and repurposed, or gallery wrap style which is described as a wooden canvas and hand painted at the end to compliment the image. Each frame style has a 2" lip all the way around that makes it easy to hang. All art prints will feature nail holes from the frame, they are meant to be seen and something that is featured in every art print.


Made to order. Ships in 3-4 weeks.