Princess Crown Chalkboard Wall Decals

Princess Crown Chalkboard Wall Decals

Choose between two sizes.

15" H x 22" W

22" H x 33" W

We like to go BIG! Our vinyl wall decals are a cut above the rest by offering larger sizes so they actually look as good as they do in the picture!

The sizing of the wall decal from the largest decal and is measured from the top of the entire design to the bottom.

Our Chalkboardsare offered in a deep rich black vinyl which makes chalk pop! Chalkboard works with chalk and chalkboard pens. Make sure prime the chalkboard before use; it gives you a smooth surface that is easy to write on and easy to erase.

How do I Prime my Chalkboard Decal?

Use the side of a piece of chalk (not the tip) and rub the entire surface of the chalkboard. Rub the surface using horizontal and vertical strokes. After covering the whole surface let it sit for a few minutes. Use a dry paper towel, cloth or soft rag and wipe away any excess chalk.

Features of chalkboard decals include:

  • Chalkboard vinyl is washable and durable, just use a damp towel or eraser.
  • Low-tack light adhesive will remove cleanly from most surfaces.
  • designs are manufactured in the USA.
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