Crib Skirt | Pink Princess

Stunningly beautiful double layer faux satin silk ruffled skirt with tulle for effect. Faux silk layer beneath tulle and above tulle.
All 4 sides. Focuses attention on the crib in the nursery.

Add the 100% pure naturally hypoallergic silk sheet to complete bedding. You can also choose to add the flannel or cotton sheets.

Made to order and ships in 2 weeks. Shown on an iron crib with the platform in the middle setting. Please note if your crib is wooden, or if it is set at it highest setting, the skirt visibility may be different, with the tulle being pressed down by the rail. If that happens, please change your crib height to the medium position. Even better if you measure it beforehand and let us know the clearance between the ground and base of the side rail and top of the platform so we can make it to suit your current setup.


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