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Pillow Cases & Covers | Holy Lamb Organics


Life happens. And sometimes it involves spills, accidents and messes. Protect your bedding with handmade, easy-to-clean covers & cases. Sizes for every pillow we make.

Product Specifications

Zippered Pillow Covers

  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Nylon & plastic zipper
  • Dimensions:
      • Zippered Pillow Cover Standard 20” x 25”
      • Zippered Pillow Cover Queen 20” x 30”
      • Zippered Pillow Cover King 20” x 36”
      • Nursing Pillow Cover 19” x 23”

Envelope Style and Open Ended Cases

  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Dimensions:
      • Neck Roll Case 7” x 25”
      • Travel & Snuggle Pillow Case 14.5” x 19”
      • Buddy Pillow Case 11” x 43”
      • Full Body Pillow Case 18” x 53”
      • Pet Bed Covers
      • Small 19” x 22” x 4”
      • Large 27” x 34” x 5”

We highly recommend protecting your quality pillows by using our zippered pillow covers and envelope cases. Just an extra layer for the accidents, spills, and oopsies that can and do happen.

All sizes available to fit all of the pillows we make. Made with organic cotton Sateen. For outer decorative bed pillow cases please see Sheets.

Zippered Pillow Covers:
Standard Size Zippered Pillow Cover
Queen Size Zippered Pillow Cover
King Size Zippered Pillow Cover
Nursing Pillow Zippered Cover

Open Ended Cases:
Neck Roll Case
Travel Pillow & Snuggle Pillow Case (though slightly oversized at 12.5" x 19.5" it will indeed fit our Toddler's Pillow)

Envelope Style Cases:
Pet Bed Covers
Body Pillow Cases
Buddy Pillow Case