Mobile Air Purification System with HEPA filter and Ultra Violet germicidal radiation

After looking at multiple indoor air purifiers for our clients designing a nursery for their first baby arrival, we zeroed in on the EnviroKlenz line for its full featured offer, mobility and effectiveness.

Serious improvement of air quality in your baby nursery, kids bedroom and your own bedroom.

This mobile purifier weighing 38 lbs on wheels has 4 speed controls for that quiet night time sleep or full speed to quickly cleanup the air in a room. It has everything you need - hospital grade HEPA filter for particulate removal (up to 0.3 microns) at 99.99% efficiency, high dose UV light to kill airborne mold, bacteria and viruses and the EnviroKlenz patented air cartridge for VOC neutralization (like paint fumes, smoke particles).

Made in the USA. Usually ships in 2-3 business days. Suitable for residential and commercial use.


  1. Air Cartridge lasts 5-6 months and operates at peak odor removal efficiency at all times
  2. HEPA filter indictor lights inform you when the filter is clogged (not time based, but air resistance based so you get maximum usage before replacement). Usually lasts 2-3 years.
  3. Ultraviolet lamps indicator lights inform you when it is time to replace the lamps (time based, as UV efficiency fall after a specific usage time). Usually replaced once a year.