Glow in the Dark Solar System Wall Decals | Improved glow, new stock

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Make your room fun and exciting with these glow in the dark stickers! Choose multiple designs and create a wonderful starry night sky!

Q: Where can I apply wall decals?

A: Our wall decals go beyond the walls! You can place them on any smooth, flat, finished surface. This includes windows, bathrooms, doors, mirrors, whiteboards, furniture, lockers, laptops, iPads… practically anywhere you can think of.


Q: Where shouldn't I apply wall decals?

A: Rugs, fabrics, clothing, or other textiles are out of the question. The fibers can render the adhesive backing. We also do not recommend applying our decals to brick, cinder block, or other porous surfaces.

We highly recommend avoiding the application on lacquered furniture, as well as any surface regularly exposed to extreme heat or cold, since this can cause the decals to become chipped, brittle, or difficult to remove. Also, never place items decorated with decals in a dishwasher, oven, or microwave.


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