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Canvas Monogrammed Personalized Carry All Tote Bag

The PERFECT Tote for the spring & summer season! This classic canvas carry-all has a modern twist

with a tall design and the addition of premium 100% custom vegan pebbled leather. A sophisticated

and fashionable carryall for whatever your day brings. Monogram your custom bag for a look that™s

distinctively you. Multiple monograms styles available. (PERFORATED CIRCLE NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

  • Available in natural cotton canvas and navy only
  • 17? h x 16? w
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Vegan leather handles with a 10? handle drop
  • Zippered interior pocket 8? h x 7? w
  • 2 vegan navy leather tassels

Please read carefully the terms and conditions before placing an order.

Terms & Conditions

All Butterscotch Blankees knit items are handcrafted, made to order, one at a time. Your order will be knit by one of our knitters that have many years of experience in handcrafted, personalized knits. We use only high quality yarns, that are hand dyed for us, in our unique colors.

Care Instructions/Yarns 100% Acrylic- Wash separately in Cold water, dry on low delicate heat, remove promptly. (Note that some items in Heathered/Darker Colors may seem rough upon arrival, these will soften after laundering.)

Holiday Ordering - Cut-Off Date 11/27, Orders after this, date we cannot guarantee delivery for the Holidays. Rush Fee Not applicable during the peak Holiday times and will not be available for selection. Exceptions on shipping time after cutoff date apply during peak Holiday season. Shipping Dates shown on order will be a close estimation of shipping date, but are not guaranteed.

Orders: FAQ's Terms & Condition's Please read this FAQ's Page & the Product Description under chosen Design, prior to placing your order. Due to the Nature of Handcrafting & Designs, All sizes are Approximate.

No cancellations once order is in production. ** All orders are Custom knit to order, made one at a time, and nonrefundable or returnable.

All our knit items are HANDCRAFTED, meaning they are individually made, one at a time, all sizes and measurements listed are APPROXIMATE and Not Guaranteed to be exact measurements stated. Size variances can occur due to different design, color combinations. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee that measurements given will be exact. *Cashmere sizes can have more variances in sizes due to being fine wool. All cashmere blankets are pre-shrunk. For this reason different color combination can be up to 3" smaller after pre-shrinking.

Please read each designs Product Description: In order to minimize errors:Enter/Type name, initials, or monogram according to product description, and/or case selection, i.e. if description states all lowercase letters only, then please enter the name in all lowercase letters. Or if description states all uppercase, then enter the name or initials in all uppercase (see more below).

Problem on Orders -- If there is a problem with your order, we will email you alerting to what the problem is (with exception where we default the order without notification). We do not send an email for low contrast color choices. (Please check your Spam box for emails). If we do not receive a reply within 1 day (24 hours) of our email, we will proceed with the order at our discretion and place the order into production.

If you inform us after your order has been placed that you have entered the name or initials incorrectly on your order and production has already started, there will be an Up Charge to stop production, for materials and design time. Please review your order on the review order page, prior to selecting "Submit Order".

ENTERING NAME, INITIALS, OR MONOGRAMWhile we strive to accommodate all names, we do have some guidelines due to the allowable space, as the Name is knit directly into each design: All Designs are ONE Name Only, up to 8 consecutive, or a 3 letter monogram/initial letters allowed on all knit items (Scarfs & Pillows - we may only be able to accommodate up to 6 letters depending on the name). **Names are 8 consecutive letters, no 2 names - (no spaces between names. No 2 capital letters in one name in mixed case. If a name with 2 Capital Letters and no space between the names, {example, MaryAnn}, is entered, we will by default change to Mixed case letters (Maryann) without notification).

If Product Description states Name: One Name can be up to 8 consecutive letters. (If 2 names are entered on order with a space between names, we will by default change the order and only put the first name listed without notification.)

If Product Description states Initials: Initials will be placed in the order you have entered (not in monogram form).

If Product Description states Initial or Single Initial: this means we only can use One (1) initial on that particular design.

If Product Description states Monogram: Monograms, 3 Letters only, are always all uppercase, First, Last, Middle initials, with the center letter (last name) larger than the first and middle initial,(with exception of the Poncho, and Stacked Monogram, Monogram is First, Middle, Last). In order to minimize mistakes, Please enter/type the monogram, and/or initials in all Capitol Letters on the order (please do not use lowercase letters when typing).

Some designs are "As Shown" on sample, with no font or characterization choice; please enter/type the name according to product description.

As a suggestion, Script Fonts such as Amelia, and Corinthia do not look good in All Uppercase, however, if you choose all uppercase we will do it that way. Also note that some names, depending on the length and letter combinations can be harder to read on knits in script fonts.

Lettering and placement for your blankets may look different than what is shown on the samples. This is due to the number and particular letters in your chosen name. Letters like "l" and "i" are narrow, while letter "a", "o", and "m" & "w" are wider.

We cannot use special characters such as quotation marks, periods, dashes, accent marks, number, "&", etc. (with exception where indicated on designs).

****Designs, Lettering, Placement & Spacing are at the discretion of Butterscotch Blankees****

Name and characterization entered on order form will be defaulted to above specifications, and we reserve the right to automatically change the order without email notification. CHECK YOUR ORDER CAREFULLY, Read the Product Description on how names, initials and monograms should be entered/typed. If you have questions regarding the personalization on your order, please email us PRIOR to placing your order, as once you submit the order we cannot make any changes.

Choosing Colors: Choose a base color for your blanket, the accent color is the text

LOW CONTRAST COLORS:Please choose your colors carefully, Note on the product description of each design, that we will not use Pale Pink with White or off white, choose Med. Pink. If you enter Pale Pink we will by default change it to Med. Pink. Even though we will default with the Med. Pink it is still considered a low contrast color combination. Other low contrast combinations are: White with Off White, Pale Yellow with White or Off White, Fuchsia with Mulberry, and designs and names may not show as well as the sample on the selected design. (We do not contact you regarding your color choices or remake an item due to low contrast color choices).

YARN DYE LOTS: We do not guarantee dye lots on any of our colors, or items within the same order(Pillows, hats and blankets can be shipped from different locations). This means that if you order for example a hat, or pillow, and a blanket, the colors can vary slightly, due to different shipping locations not having the exact same dye lot of yarn. We therefore, cannot guarantee the same dye lot of yarn will be used. Acrylic Yarn Colors do not match Cashmere Yarn Colors. We do not remake items due to dye lot differences. Please be aware that different color combinations can make yarn colors look different.

BABY/STROLLER SIZE BLANKETS: Approx. 22 x 30 Acrylic & Cashmere Some baby/stroller designs vary slightly from our large blankets due to their size and allowable space. Some design we can only accommodate an initial(s) where we show a name on the larger size. This will be indicated in the Product Description.Different color combinations can result in items varying in size slightly (up to 1 1/2"). (Heathered and Dark Base Colors tend to knit slightly smaller.

CRIB/BLANKETS: Approx. 36x53 Acrylic & Cashmere Different color combinations can result in items varying in size slightly (up to 1 1/2""). (Heathered and Dark Base Colors tend to knit slightly smaller... Cashmere Blankets run slightly smaller.

New ADULT SIZE: Approx. 50X62 Acrylic Only

XL BLANKETS: Approx. 60X80 Acrylic Only

PILLOWS:Pillows are listed as 15x15 & 20x20 as this is the size pillow form(s) we use. Actual finished outside measurement will be slightly smaller so that the cover fits snugly around the forms.

HATS: Please keep in mind the names on hats. Even though we can accommodate up to 8 letters, longer names will wrap around the entire brim of the hat, especially on the small size.Different color combinations (and /or designs) can result in items varying in sizing (up to 1"). This means, for example, an order with 2 hats, in 2 different color combinations, but ordered the same size, can measure differently. This does not mean they are 2 different sizes. EARFLAP HATS run slightly smaller than Regular Hats as they are knit in 2 different knitting techniques/styles. Variances do occur (up to 1")between lighter base colors and dark base colors such as Heathered Colors/Charcoal, Heather Grey, Navy & Black as these colors of yarns knit slightly smaller/tighter. If 2 different sizes are ordered with a dark base colors, i.e. a small and a medium, they can look very similar in their sizes and should not be compared to an earflap hat that was made in a light base color.

Please do not compare sizing between the Regular knit hats and the earflap hats as they are knit in different knitting styles and stitch.

Sizing Guidelines: children's head sizes vary so please select size carefully.

Because our hats are handcrafted, size variances can occur due to designs and yarn color choices.

Small - Usually fits most 6m - 1 year, approximately 17 inch circumference.

Medium - Usually fits most 2 - 4 years, approximately 20 inch circumference

Large - 5+ and up (up to teen), approximately 22 inch circumference.

**Head Circumference is not the measurement of the hat, but with stretch of the knit, should fit a head up to that size.

**Regular hats have more stretch/give than earflap hats.

Scarfs -We can accommodate One Name, and you can enter up to 8 consecutive letters, however due to the width of the scarf, some names with 8 letters may not fit, depending on the name.
For this reason we reserve the right to alter the letters slightly from what is shown on the samples in order to accommodate the long names.

Shipping Time

While we strive to ship on the below shipping schedule, this is not guaranteed (& exceptions apply during peak season time, and are not guaranteed after our holiday cut-off dates).

If more than 1 item is placed on order for different items such as a blanket and hat, order items may be shipped in separate packages from different locations.Standard Ship Orders can ship earlier or a few days later than stated time, but are generally shipped on the below schedule. For a guaranteed ship date, please select one of the Rush Fees.

**We work on Business Days to calculate Ship Dates, which are Monday - Friday, and follow the USPS Holidays which are not considered Business Days. We do not ship/or count as Business Days Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve

1-2 items - on or before 12-14 business days from date of order (all with up to 3 Business days travel time in U.S.A. only).
3 items - on or before 15-20 business days
4-5 items - on or before 20-25 business days
6-7 items- on or before 25-30 business days
8-12 items - on or before 30-35 business days

13 or more items will be indicated on the order under the comments section

**We have different knitters for Acrylic Blankets, Cashmere Blankets, Hats, Earflap hat, etc... Orders that contain different knit items, such as blankets and hats, these orders are split between knitters, and our Shipping schedule is based on how many items each knitter has from your order**

RUSH FEE - Guaranteed Ship Date-must be selected when placing order & not available on Special Sale items- The Rush Fee is to have your order moved into the front of our production line so that it can be completed and shipped on a Guaranteed Ship Date and is in addition to our Standard shipping charges.

Holiday Ordering - Rush Fee Not applicable during the peak Holiday times. Exceptions on shipping time may apply during peak Holiday season.

Rush A items ships on the 10th Business day (from Order Date) is $25.00 (each item) via USPS Priority Shipping (with up to 3 Business days travel time) in U.S.A. only.

Rush B item ships on the 4th Business day (from Order Date) is $35.00 (each item) via USPS Priority Shipping (with up to 3 Business days travel time) in U.S.A.only.

While Standard Ship order can ship earlier than what is shown, Rush Fee Orders ship on the day indicated. If you place more than one order on the same day, one shipping standard and one shipping with a Rush fee, it is possible for the standard ship order to be sent out before the order with the Rush Fee depending on our production load.