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Chandelier Cord Covers - Velcro


Larger capacity than any other cord cover available. The tube is about 1.75-inch in diameter and is about 6.5 inches wide if opened and laid flat. You can scrunch it up to cover shorter distances or extend it flat. Since you have 2, you can either use it on a single long cable (like a long chandelier chain) or in 2 places. Gathers are sewn into the hook and loop strip, so you will get a ruffled look even when extended fully.

  • Faux Dupioni Silk - Premium washable fabric
  • Chocolate Brown. The 5.5-inch wide fabric when open closed it has 1.75-inch diameter as a tube. Holds up to 10 cables.
  • Extra-long 6.5 ft (77 inches), 2 pack... one is never enough. Covers at least 10 electrical cords or a heavy gauge chandelier chain. Can cover 12 ft together easily or 6 ft scrunched up well.
  • Hook and loop strip close along the entire length and the top/bottom openings have ties to stay securely at the openings
  • Quick & easy installation on existing chandeliers - open velcro and enclose... wrap-around wire/chain. No need to disconnect anything

The velcro type is 6.5 ft in length (single pack)


Ships in 1-2 business days.