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Bed Pillow- Woolly "Down" | Holy Lamb Organics


Similar to a goose down pillow in that it’s satisfyingly smooshable, but different in that the “stuffing” is actually tiny wool puffs. Naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and chemical free, this pillow gives parents a little peace of mind. Everybody sleeps at night with this pillow!

Product Specifications

  • Filled with Northeast Eco-Wool from our Sustainable Wool Program, which sources wool from small farms on the west coast of the United States
  • Organic cotton zippered (nylon zipper) cover
  • Dimensions & Wool Weight:
    • Children's & Standard 20” x 24”, 30-33 oz.
    • Queen 20” x 30”, 36-39 oz.
    • King 20” x 36”, 42-45 oz.

A standard sized bed pillow you can modify to suit the support your child needs. The best part is that it is adjustable. Simply unzip the pillow and take out some of the small wool puffs to adjust the loft as your child needs. Add them back in over time as your little one grows up.

This comforting pillow cradles your child’s head and offers the ultimate in “squish-ability”. It takes any shape, the same way a down product might.

Naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, wool pillows are a perfect fit for your child’s bed.