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Colors for baby nursery

January 20, 2015 2 min read


Choosing a color for a nursery or a kid’s room is a bit tricky. When you are thinking about decorating your baby’s nursery, you have to think about the psychology effects different colors make on one’s body and mind, not just the design preferences, in order to get what is best for your child. Here is how colors influence your child’s development and behavior.

Warm colors will stimulate the mind and make you and your child feel energetic, cozy and welcoming, but on the other hand they are far from relaxing. This won’t help during bedtime if you have energetic kids.


A touch of bright orange combined with warm and cold shades will inspire interaction and communication. Just be careful and don’t use to much bold orange, to avoid over-stimulating effect. You can use bolder orange for small details, such as the nursery bedding.


Combination of yellow with neutral gray colors is a great solution for a nursery.

You can make the baby wall décor with shades of yellow, contrasting it with a touch of blue.

This color will give the nursery a sunny and bright look which will inspire happiness.


Use red only on details because red is not recommended for a nursery. This color can provoke aggression, if used in excess. But if you use it in small portions, this color can have good energetic effects.


A balanced combination of pink with white, combined with unique baby furniture sets can make a perfect nursery. It’s the most used color for nurseries for its calming and relaxing effects and its association with femininity.


White and blue with a combination of young America furniture is a wonderful solution for a nursery. That way you’ll create a calming effect that lowers blood pressure and works against anxiety and aggression.


Green is a associated with nature and symbolizes well-being. With its soothing effect, green increases concentration and it has great potential for a nursery.


Purple is glamorous and with luxury baby furniture will give a sophisticated look to the nursery. It is a royal color, but it is also associated with wisdom and spirituality.


Always modern and popular, white is associated with innocence. It provides calm atmosphere.

Your design of the nursery will benefit from this psychological color intervention, so take your time to consider the psychological effects of the color you prefer.

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