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From Nursery to Toddlers’ Room

January 13, 2015 2 min read

It’s amazing how fast kids grow up. At some point your sweet little baby will transform into a cute needy toddler who is mastering the art of walking and talking. And then you realize you need to do some changes in your kids’ room, to make it suitable for a toddle’s character.

Big-kid-room bed and bedding

Even the best baby cribs won’t stop a toddler climbing out of them in the middle of the night. This is the first step towards a toddler-hood. When this happens, you have to consider providing your child with a toddlers’ bed. You can either convert the crib into a bed by replacing the crib rail with a low safety rail, or browse through our selection of toddler beds. Either way, your kid will be safer when getting in and out of bed.

What toddler bed goes with nursery bedding? None, so you’ll need to go out and buy your kid some new toddler bedding sets, with suitable toddler sized sheets, pillows and blankets.

Make more space

Either diapers are out, or your toddler is almost diaper free. You can manage to change diapers on the bed, and remove the changing table from the room. Use the space as toy storage or additional place for playing, because it is very important to have a lot of open space for your toddler to play freely and safely. You can remove ottomans, diaper pails, bouncy seats or swings that are taking up room.

Toddler’s independence

If you want to have a successful transition from nursery to a toddler room, you will have to consider a setting that allows your child to have independence, while being in a safe place. You have to set up your child’s new big-kid-room with a lot of space, allowing your child to play on their own. You should set up storage places full of toys that your child can find itself, without asking for your assistance all the time. Also, don’t forget to put all potential hazards out of reach and removing every climbing temptation you can think of. That way your child will learn to play alone and you will become more comfortable leaving them to play on their own.

Time waits for no one! You’ll be surprised how fast the toddler time will be replaced by a new sweet period! Enjoy your toddler while you can!

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