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The Perfect Place to Play

January 02, 2015 2 min read

The perfect place to play is as important for a growing child as a safe nursery is to a newborn baby. Finding the perfect blend of safety and fun can be quite the chore, however. Let Jack and Jill Boutique help you create the perfect playroom with this collection of play rugs and furniture.

Play Carpets

Your fair maiden will enjoy hours of fun in her own fairytale world with this princess play rug, complete with towered castle, horse-drawn carriage and treasure chest.

Princess Play RugPretty Posies Hopscotch: A feminine slant on the traditional hopscotch game - with squares and pretty posies colorfully adorned in girly colors of pink, yellow and magenta.

Pretty Posies Hopscotch

Down at the Farm - Children will enjoy the experience of life down on the farm with the many barnyard animals: horses, cows, sheep, chickens and ducks frolic in their various habitats near the field crops you can almost smell the fresh air!

Down at the Farm

Marble Aim - Shoot a marble and gain points based on where it lands. Play to 500 points, best of three or a single shot. Earn bonus points for extra distance, but be careful shoot too hard and you could be out!

Marbles Aim

Snakes and Ladders - A take on the classic board game: move around the carpet, climbing up ladders to get ahead, but beware! If you encounter a snake, you'll slide backward! Play pieces included.

Snakes and Ladders

Play Furniture

This functionally smart chalk table with a reversible table top quickly hides chalky mess. The under the table storage compartment quickly organizes art supplies. Includes two child friendly benches for easy maneuverability.

Table and benches

Discover the wonders of this new double sided easel, chalkboard one side and whiteboard the other, has room for two. Comes with Paper Roll and Chalk for immediate use.

Art easel

With its comfy foam, supple fabric, book pockets and easy to fold out sleeper, this little sleeper sofa creates the perfect combination for a little quiet-time.

This feathery light chair, with its two pockets for “stuff” and a handle to take it all wherever they go, will soon be your child’s favorite. Perfectly sized for toddlers this durable chair is available in several magnificent color combinations.It is feathery light so with the aid of the handle your little one can tote this chair to their favorite quiet spot.

Give your playroom a personal touch with this adorable canvas personalized director's chair

Use one of our many styles and colors of teepees to make it seem like you're camping, inside!



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