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Baby Scrapbooking

December 09, 2014 2 min read

Capturing those unique moments of your baby growing up is priceless. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to frame your memories and get back to them whenever you want.

First thing you should ask yourself if you decide on scrapbooking is whether to go with digital or traditional.

Traditional scrapbooking

If you prefer doing the work with your own hands, than traditional scrapbooking is the best for you. You’ll need a Scrapbook which you can create yourself or buy one. You can add photos you took or you can trim photos from magazines and glue them on the scrap book, writing comments next to them. During your pregnancy you can add photos of luxury baby furniture, unique baby bedding or best baby cribs, anything you can latter use for decorating your baby’s nursery. You can also add fashionable diaper bags you plan to buy. When your child is born you can add pictures of your everyday activities. You can add different kinds of embellishments like stickers and ribbons to decorate the pages of your scrapbook. You can go even go outside the box and add dried flowers or buttons, anything you think of that inspires your creativity. You can use paper punches to create paper decorations with different shapes and designs.

Digital scrapbooking

There are more possibilities if you choose digital scrapbooking and all you need to start is a computer and your imagination. There are a lot of digital kits you can buy and you can reuse them countless times. You have more freedom to change things when you are scrapbooking digitally, because you can manipulate photos and text easily. You’ll need a photo editing software program to adjust your photos to your liking.

Mix of digital and traditional

Once your digital scrapbook is finished, you can always print it and have a hardcopy. You can then add some traditional touches and add ribbons and stickers and you’ll have the best form both styles of scraping.

Scrapbooking Blog

You can start a scrapbooking blog and upload parts of your digital scrapbook. That way you can share to the world how wonderful your baby is and chat with other moms who will visit your blog and add their experiences and suggestions.

Whatever style of scrapbooking you choose, in the end, the most important thing is to find a way to archive those precious moments with your child. You’ll thank yourself later in life!

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