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Don’t repeat: Common mistakes for New Parents

December 02, 2014 2 min read

There is no perfect parent. All of them make mistakes, especially new parents dealing with a newborn, whether you cannot stop panicking when you baby vomits all over its personalized baby clothes or you cannot understand why your child keeps crying all over the nursery bedding. It can be very helpful for a new parent to know the most common parenting mistakes; it will be an inspiration not to repeat them.

Don’t panic

New parents react to any normal thing like spitting up and vomiting. Worrying about all the small things is a waste of time and it gets in the way of enjoying your child's first year of life. Be aware that your baby is more resilient than you think.

Crying it out

It is not your job as a parent to make sure your baby is not crying. When your baby is crying, it doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong that needs fixing. Babies cry even if they have everything in order - it’s how they communicate. But if your baby keeps crying for a long time, don’t hesitate to contact a pediatrician. Persistent crying without the baby be satiated by anything common could be a sign that something more sinister is at work. 

Let them sleep

Waking your baby up for breastfeedingis a common mistake, thinking the breast milk you provided before will not be enough to get your baby through the night. Let your baby sleep through the night on the baby boy crib bedding or baby girl crib bedding, and use that time to get some sleep yourself.

Dealing with a fever

in the first 3 months, a fever over 100.4 is an emergency. Don’t just give your baby a medicine and think the fever will go away. Babies’ immune system can’t handle an infection on its own, so if the temperature is above 100.4, you have to contact your pediatrician right away.

Don’t forget oral care

You should think about oral health as soon as the first tooth comes out. You can use wet gauze to wipe down the gums after a meal and you can start using a toothbrush when your child turns one.

Don’t forget your marriage

Focusing just on your child can have a negative impact on your relationship with your partner. This leads to fighting in front of your child, and it picks up on that like it does on everything its parents do.

New parents have a lot of questions and often find answers in the wrong places. Getting parenting advice from just about anyone is a classic mistake. You can listen to people or read anything you like, but always consult with professionals about more serious matters.

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