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Nursery Art to Build Your Nest

April 23, 2014 2 min read

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Rock N Roll Canvas Wall Art


Nesting…we may not be birds, but just like members of the animal kingdom the nesting instinct comes over us, also. Around five months, pregnant women begin to feel this overwhelming need to clean and organize her surroundings….to nest. A wonderful way to indulge this instinct is with nursery art.

Stay away from the harmful vapors of paint and cleaners by decorating your new arrivals nursery with delightful nursery art. I’m sure by this time in your pregnancy you have picked a general color scheme, and in your mind is a wonderful array of decorating ideas.

If you are in need of some inspiration think about your unborn child, nesting at this moment, inside the warmth and security of your body. All of the many sacrifices you have made to ensure your baby is healthy while you have nurtured them from the inside, and all the many sacrifices you will make once they are in your arms. Sacrifices gladly made to make their futures bright. These futures that are an unwritten book, waiting to unfold before your eyes, and the dreams of what wonderful futures they may have in store.

The joy of learning ballet, baseball, or other activities that push their minds and bodies to their limits. The colors, animals, pastimes they will grow to favor over others. The journeys to far away lands they may travel, the beautiful cities, wild overgrown jungles, or soaring castles. Take inspiration from your baby’s unwritten future, and watch as a beautiful canvas unfolds within the four walls that will be your baby’s nest once she or he leaves their first.

For the tiniest of ballerinas, give her inspiration with this beautiful nursery art that asks her to believe, dream, and love, to have faith and hope always. You could add her name with vintage appeal to finish it all off.

For your little man you could have his birth announcement made into a treasure with announcement nursery art. To continue the theme of critters, include a few of these precious safari animals to pull it all together. These wonderful little animals are sure to bring a smile to his face and maybe a dream of one day going on a safari to see them for himself.

As the possibilities for your little one’s future are quite limitless, so are the design possibilities with our nursery art. Bring out that nesting instinct and let us at Jack and Jill Boutique help to create the perfect nursery to welcome one of the most important arrivals of your lifetime. Contact us for additional information on our nursery art.


The post Nursery Art to Build Your Nest appeared first on Up the Hill: Blog of Jack and Jill Boutique.

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