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What’s New at Jack and Jill: Stylish Diaper Bags!

July 22, 2014 2 min read

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Jack and Jill Boutique now carries lines of diaper bags that appeal to every logistical need and every design preference. While on the go, be stylish and worry-free at the same time!

The Weekender Diaper Bag

The Weekender Diaper Bag is meant for mommies that need a few days of utility support. It’s extremely roomy with mesh inside pockets and two zippered outside pockets, so you can carry diapers, formula and toys all in one organized bag. I personally like this teal-colored one because it reminds me of the stylish Marc Jacobs purse that was so popular a few years ago. It goes well with a personalized blue blanket from your baby boy bedding.

Weekender Diaper Bag

Backpack Diaper Bag

The Backpack Diaper Bag is perfect for mommies that already have their hands full! This bag is perfect for mommies that are in the outdoors or in public places. The comfortable, adjustable straps ensure a good fit for every body size. The insulated bottle holder makes sure that the formula stays at the right temperature as long as you need it. The zip-down changing station and “dirty duds” pouch is perfect when you’re outdoors without access to a bathroom. It goes well with a personalized pink blanket from your baby girl bedding.

Backpack diaper bag

Messenger Diaper Bag

I personally love messenger bags because they don’t slip off your shoulder like a tote and they don’t weigh you down like a backpack. This comes with a coordinated zipper pouch that is independent from the interior of the bag (which could be used for “dirty duds” if needed) and an insulated bottle holder. The magnetic clips at the bottom prevent you from dealing with zippers that break after a certain period of use.

Messenger Diaper Bag

Tote Diaper Bags

This tote diaper bag is the Swiss Army Knife of all diaper bags. With six interior storage pockets and three outside pockets, it’s designed for maximum utility. The separate fold-out changing pad and insulated bottle-holder further add design utility to this bag. With an adjustable strap, it’s designed to fit every body type.

Tote Diaper Bags

The Jazz Collection

The Jazz Collection is the epitome of style. It’s also very roomy! It can fit couple of blankets from your nursery bedding among other essentials a mommy needs. One major benefit to this bag is that it has attached stroller straps so you don’t even have to worry about carrying the bag – let the stroller do the work!

The Jazz Collection

No matter your design or utility preference, you’re bound to find a style in our new collection that suits you.

The post What’s New at Jack and Jill: Stylish Diaper Bags! appeared first on Up the Hill: Blog of Jack and Jill Boutique.

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