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September 02, 2014 2 min read

When you are expecting there are zillion things to consider. Soon-to-be mommies don’t think too much about preparing ahead for breastfeeding, thinking it’ll come naturally, or that they should think about it after the birth. Still, breastfeeding needs planning and preparation because it is a challenging journey. You should consider this just as important as your decision on baby bedding.

Calming and quiet corner
For your nursing “corner” you can use the nursery to nurse your baby anytime, but it comes in handy if you have guests over. A corner in the living room is practical to catch up on your DVR during those long nursing sessions. You should always have some great baby wall décor on your walls for you and baby to look at during nursing sessions. Bare walls mean less stimulation.

Comfortable sitting
You’ll be doing a lot of sitting while nursing, so it is important to have a cozy glider around your baby furniture sets. You can use your couch as well, but many mommies are recommending gliders because they are comfortable, a quality you definitely need during nursing sessions. You should opt for luxury baby furniture – the investment is worth the comfort.

Nursing pillows
You can find a lot of specific nursing pillows, and no doubt about it, they work well. But, a lot of the moms out there are using a couple of throw pillows to help them feel more comfortable during nursing.

Nipple cream
Get a lot of nipple cram before the baby arrives. You’ll be thanking yourself while you are soothing the soreness after the first few times of breastfeeding.

Nursing pads are very practical because they are washable or disposable, and you’ll need them when those milk leaks happen.

Having burp cloths and rags around you because your baby will be spitting up a lot and you’ll also have leaking milk, so you’ll be changing yourself and your baby often.

As the time passes by, the baby will need more and more milk. Keep snacks available around you such as fruit or granola bars and bottle water. It will be easy to grab them, and not disturb the baby.

The first days of breastfeeding keep a clock or timer near to see the time you need for nursing on each side, because sometimes it may seem you were nursing longer than you actually did, and your baby won’t get enough mommy time.

Keep track of your nursing sessions at the beginning, using pen and paper or a mobile app, to create a good nursing routine.

Keep those cute personalized baby blankets near you. You won’t be doing much moving while nursing, and you or your baby can easily get cold.

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