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Fabric Swatches
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Jack and Jill Boutique

Fabric Swatches

$ 5.00 $ 10.00

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Fabric Swatches by Jack and Jill Boutique In the boxes above, please enter the name of the bedding set and/or fabric of which you are interested in a swatch. This item is specially made for you and cannot be returned.

Policy on Furniture and Made-to-Order Items

Jack and Jill Boutique offers a wide range of furniture, gifts and bedding that are custom made to order by small artisans in the US. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns on these items. You can cancel an order within 2 days of placing the order via email, contact form here on this page or through our customer care center. In either case, you should receive a confirmation email of your cancellation.

Please do not hesitate to call us at 888-543-6363. We are glad to answer your questions and assist you in selecting items for your perfect nursery.